Kia and Nicole in China travel blog

Guangzhou trainstation sunrise

Herbal and food market

Taoist temple of the Rams. Exercising.

5 Genies Temple

Street Collector Cart

Mosque tower


Nicole and Juliette

We came to China via Guangzhou, and will leave again from here. We also came through Guangzhou on our way back from the trip North and when mum and Alex came to visit. Its a big dirty smoggy city with gems hidden throughout. My friend who lives here tells me to walk around with my bag on my front, because she says it is very unsafe. Many of the women walk like this. It certainly isn't as friendly as Zhanjiang but most of the time we've spent in Guangzhou has been wonderful, and on the whole, all of China feels pretty safe! Maybe I want to put my bag on my front but i'd feel quite safe wandering streets late at night, like many other families.

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