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Overnight Train


Neuschwanstein Castle

Five euros uphill two down

The quickest way to Munich was for us to take a sleeper from Paris.

Thank goodness for the help of our two room-mates in our couchette. They were old hands at setting up for the overnight trip, and guided us on the efficient way to sort ourselves. The young girl willingly helped us lay out the bed linen, directing us with military precision. The young man helped us get our large suitcases up into the storage area. When we awoke in the morning, they were gone-the train, soon to be replaced by a TGV-stopped many times during the night. Four people are fitted into a first-class couchette. In second class, six people and all of their luggage fit into the same space.

The kind host at our hotel fed us an early breakfast, and we spent the day touring the mountains. The rooms of his hotel were tiny, so for the first time we were forced to take two separate ones. The lift stopped at the half-way landing. We had to use communal bathrooms. The only saving graces were that it was close to the station and beautifully clean and friendly.

Tashie loved Munich and we toured the sights over the next two days.

A lot of time was spent trying to find a laundromat and not succeeding. The Internet was no help. We were not sure we were using the correct keyword for our search. We followed a local map past the Jewish Museum to a marked spot that turned out to be a dry cleaners. The fact that it was drizzling rain did not cheer us much.

We had a meal in a Japanese resturant, just off the main square, that was an experience. We visited the Hofbrauhaus for a short while and Tash thought it warranted a top priority return visit.

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