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Our hotel in Dubai for the stopover.

In Dubai Thursday afternoon

We have arrived in Dubai and Tashie and I are sitting in the hotel lobby using the laptop.

We have one night only, then depart for Paris, arriving quite late - about 8:30 pm, before making our way to our hotel. It is forecast to be 40 degrees during our one day. Mmmmm.

The flight over went well - we each had over 500 channels of TV,music and games and information to choose from. The seats were very comfortable and the food was excellent. We were able to view the "downside" and Pilot's view from the specially placed cameras. Very exciting on take off and landing. We have had a swim and a spa in in the "club" levels-very swish. trying to hang out for tea time but slowly closing our eyes as we are four hours behind here. The hotel reminds Tashie of Malaysia and the people have been friendly (mostly).

The hotel is in the middle of the semi industrial area. Lots of car yards. The buildings here are low rise, concrete boxes with air conditioning.. Cranes right outside our entrance. We won't get far past the four star hotel this time. We need to be at the airport by midday, and that won't leave us much time to see the sights.

We are both very happy. Lovely bathroms, carpets, decor etc.

Lots of Arabic clothing and plenty of Arabic signage on the buildings. However, Tashie thinks many of the service staff are Malaysian. Reminds her of KL.

Onward to Paris

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