Sheate's World Tour 06/07 travel blog

Coconut Bay Resort

Relaxing outfront our en-suite bure

Our beaudoire!

Our own private beach

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

Bula boys and girls

Our welcome at Korovou Eco-Tour Resort

Beachfront bures

Now this is more like it!

The dining deck

...and best of all a swimming pool!

The Yasawa Flyer didn't arrive till 1pm so we spent the morning relaxing in a hammock enjoying the blue skies and sunshine. Debs joined one of the islands hosts called Nelson, in a weaving lesson on the beach. It wont be long before she starts knitting sweaters!

After lunch at the school canteen, with pretty reasonable fare this time, we boarded the Yasawa Flyer and headed 30min south to Naviti Island, roughly mid-way along the Yasawa islands and one of the largest and highest of the group. Here we were met by the staff and some guests of Korovou Eco-Tour Resort singing a Fijian welcome. Faith restored with the hope of some decent accommodation and food we set about checking in. Now this was more like what we had expected and were thrilled to walk past the swimming pool and en-suite, beachfront chalets.

It was in fact to good to be true and it transpired that they were in fact fully booked for our first night and we would have to head over to the next resort, Coconut Bay who were a little preplexed when we arrived as they hadnt been informed. In fact this resort turned out to be a great place with en-suite, beachfront chalets but unfortunately no pool. After what felt like a luxurious shower in the privacy of our own room we headed down to the beach for sundowners before the drum beat went for dinner.

There were only a handful of guests which made it feel lovely and cosy plus the food was exceptional with the presentation of a 5 star restaurant. After sharing stories over dinner, we were treated to a Fijian welcome sing and dance which reminded us a lot of the macarana! This was followed by a Fijian game called 'pass the stick', which was similar to 'musical chairs' - the last couple to avoid being handed the stick won the game. It turned out to be quite good fun with a few of us getting quite competitive towards the end! David & Nicholas were a little unnerved by the group hug sessions and they were convinced that this was in fact a way for the locals to get a little closer to girls backpacking around the islands!

The next morning we awoke to the waves crashing outside our chalet and after the obligatory drum beat for breakfast, we made our way back to Korovou Eco-Tour Resort where we were shown to our lovely deluxe chalet before settling down on one of the sun lounges by the pool to take up our position for the day stretched out on the sun lounger.

That evening once dinner was over, we were treated again to the Fijian welcome song but wanted to avoid the dreaded stick dance, but alas we were to slow and had to participate. We just made sure that we were the first to get the stick so that we could make our exit at the first attempt and bid farewell!

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