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Perhaps it's the phenomenon that activity fills the space provided, but it really has taken us all week to get ourselves repaired and cleaned for the most part. Our CB still doesn't work, but when we're not in a caravan we rarely use it unless we're stuck in a major traffic jam and wonder what's causing it. The carpet is still filthy, but the carpet cleaning machine is at home.

The weather has been great this week - the sort of weather we were hoping for as we froze our gizzards in January. All the Winter Texans who have left already, definitely left too soon. We're still discovering what this area has to offer, even after spending a month here before we went to Mexico. We found an art theater five miles away and saw a great film "The Lives of Others" about the life of East German citizens and the Stasi who spied on them. I wish we lived near such a theater at home. With the collaboration of our fellow Yucatan travelers, we have sampled some new restaurants that featured the Tex Mex culture and atmosphere. They have reaffirmed that this area is not really Texas. When we travel north and stop at the grocery store, the produce counter will not be full of dried chiles and nopalitos (cactus). The bread aisle won't be 70% tortillas, 30% bread. In store announcements and signs will no longer be in Spanish and English. We won't be able to use our left over pesos at Walmart.

When we first leave home, it's a jolt to the system, but thinking about going home is a jolt as well. Following the lead of the full timers we just traveled with for six months, it would be easy to just keep drifting. We're keeping an eye on the severe storms and tornados that line our path home. We'll leave tomorrow and look for breaks in the weather as we work our way northeast.

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