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Yamdrok-tso lake

Yamdrok-tso lake

fancy yak

Eddie, Holly and Hugo

Udo and Phil with the landcruiser.

Pelkhör monastery Stupa


prayer wheels

local kids

Our first day in Lhasa was an administrative frenzy of Email and laundry, and we somehow in the midst of it managed to get ourselved signed up to join a group of three guys heading south to visit Everest base camp on a 6 day Landcruiser trip.

Our driver Udo collected us at the end of the road, and off we went with there 3 guys named Eddy (Aussie), Phil (British/Norway) and Hugo (Dutch). holly and I spent most of the first half of the journey giggling in disbelief at what we were doing.

Our first sight beyond the majestic hills and mountains which we were still marvelling at was Yamdrok-tso Lake, which was semi frozen and reflected the clear blue sky beautifully. a quick stop for photos provided the locals a chance to earn some money by posing with their dressed up Yaks and cute children. I really don't like to pay people to take their feels horrible, hence the lack of dressed up Yak and cute children pics here.

The lake pictures will be coming soon!

We found ourselves making frequent stops along the way as Altitude dehydrates the body, so we were all drinking litres of water like it as going out of fashion.

We stopped mid afternoon in Gyantse and Hugo and I looked around Pelkhor chöde monastery

the Chörten is one of the best preserved examples in Tibet and contains 108chapels, each with it's own budda.

It was my first in monastery Tibet, and i really loved it. The paintings and buddas are all so colourful and ornate. I sneeked a few pics as is becoming my habit.(you're soposed to pay)

an early night ready for the road in the morning.

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