Dawn and Terry in the Jungles and Beaches of West Africa 2007 travel blog

Yankari National Park, Nigeria

Safari. Water buck

Water buck.

Crane in the stream.


Lioness after jumping the stream in the forground.


Mama elephant.

She is getting upset with us now. time to leave!

Water buck.

Massive termite mound.

Second safari, second elephant charge.

WOW again!

Another happy camper, exept this time we are in a small defender...

A nice healthy population of elephants in Yankari.


Marshal Caves inside Yankari NP.

And I'm not a big man. could you imagine......

New residence of the caves.

Lady water buck;-)

Window repairs kept our diligent guides back on safari day fixing Oscars...

Thats a big pig in Canadian terms! Nice piggy.

Our luxury acomidations. Only the best for my new wife.

And the inside of the rooms are really nice.

Ohh the Baboons.

There not even a cute monkey.

They are just everywhere around the main park area. But you don't...

This is what we called Wiki fun. look how clear the natural...

Dawn and I in the Wiki warm springs.



The girls under water. How can something so clean sound so dirty?

Jason, the star of the underwater scene.

Mike and Kirsten, Don't ask!


BABOONS, WARTHOGS, and ELEPHANTS oh my! In Yankari National Park you will find an amazing place off the really beaten track full of animals, the Wiki Warm Springs

and yes more construction! A couple of hours drive in Oscar we arrive at the celebrated national park. (Celebrated because in a country of 135 million people where most of the animals have and still do end up on the plates of people in the search for food or riches through poching, Yankari has a helthy population of animals under protection.) As we cross the impressive gates still under construction we begin to see the wild life or not so wild life as it may be at the main park area. Greated by wild Baboons and warthogs running free as they feel fit I began to wounder what we were in store for. We arrived later in the afternoon but still had time to take a tour of the wildlife using Oscar. We were not disappointed! During our first safari we were fortunate to come across a lone lioness drinking in the stream. What an amazing site! she leaped the 6m stream like nothing and strolled off into the trees. Elephants became our next big prize to see, lots of elephants! Oscar has 8 roof seats for people to sit in during such ocasions, while clinging to my new camera taking as many pictures as possibly Mama decided that she did not like us being between her and her baby and the rest of there herd. She charged towards Oscar and forced the others outside taking photos to make a hasty retreat into the truck. As we speed away one of the truck side windows comes crashing down and shatters. (Poor Jay and Toni spent the entire next day replacing a window!) What a great way to experience our first safari. Next day we set off on another safari using the park landrover defender 110 and a new hilux that would not start. Again our landrover darted through all the trails following massive piles of elephant dung in search of the herd. Found them, there must have been 60-80 in the herd and it is something every person must put on there things to do list. As we park and watch they mull around creating dust clouds taller that the trees. again we seemed to be to close for some and we were warned again with a charge that stoped short by 6m or so. Amazing for a photo but a little unnerving. On or second safari we toured the Marshal caves, a site where Africans hid for extended periods of time to avoid the slave trade. Back in our huts which were scheduled to be demolished and replaced we were always on Baboon watch. Women should not walk alone as the men, I mean baboons fancy them over the men and we always kept a sling shot out by the truck to scare off the thieving monkeys. At least the warthogs kept away cause I don't know what I would do if a 250lb pig with really big horns decided to take a fancy to me.

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