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My sister who is still part of the working world, thinks that whenever we are not at home, we are on vacation. It's hard to convince her otherwise, but it seems like we've been working rather hard since we've come back to the US. My travel buddy Judy and I took over the campground laundromat, washing mountains of dusty, sweaty clothes. We went to the hardware store and found replacements for the light fixtures that shattered on the rough Mexican roads a few weeks ago and put them up. We bought a new bracket for the clothes rod that snapped on a rough Mexican road a few days ago and we able to hang up our clean clothes once again. We went to the grocery store and bought food we recognized and produce we did not have to worry about getting confiscated. We got a hair cut from stylists who spoke English and ended up looking pretty much like we expected to look.

We went to the post office and picked up six weeks of mail. An hour later neat piles sat on every horizontal surface in the trailer. The bills have been taken care of online, but those 1099's reminded us that our annual contact with the IRS still must be made. We phoned the doctor and dentist and made appointments for when we are back home.

We went to the car dealer and had the oil changed and the transmission fluid flushed. The comfortable waiting room had a large plate glass window, which faced the service area. I read an entire book watching the mechanic doing not much of anything for much of the three hours it took to complete this one hour job. Then we went to the campground store and bought a new sewer hose to replace the one that went flying on a rough Mexican road a few weeks ago. We also bought another generator so that the new time we are parked in a parking lot, we will be able to run the A/C. We bought a new door latch to replace the one that has frozen open - not sure if I can blame that on a rough Mexican road. We went back to the hardware store to buy a chain and lock so that the new generator will remain in the truck bed, no matter who walks by and is tempted to take it. We looked for a replacement TV for the bedroom. It was failing before we went to Mexico, but the 42 day earthquake finished the job.

Boring? Does this sound a lot like some Saturdays in your life? When you are gone as long as we have been, responsibilities and chores must be faced. We've made progress, but the to-do list is far from completed.

But at the end of every chore filled day, we resume the trip by meeting our travel buddies for dinner. Last night we went to Pepe's, a local dive perched on the shore of the Rio Grande. After the honky tonk band wrapped it up at 6pm - geezers don't stay out too late - the border patrol stopped by in their boat and had dinner, too. Tonight we all met at Rudy's, a self service BBQ joint, featuring brisket, ribs, and chop. Each couple bought a side dish and we passed cole slaw, creamed corn, baked beans, beans salad, and potato salad down the table as we talked and laughed. Plans will gradually take us off in different directions, but it's been great to stay in touch a few more days.

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