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Back into Tennessee. It looks just like Kentucky here, very pretty rolling...

Sunset at camp. The jeep is on the left.

Home is where you park it! The "garden" is the line of...

Farmers have these wonderful black fences around their pastures. Very picturesque!

The trees are in bloom. The rolling hills are green and georgeous....


A rock quarry. There are bunches of these around this area. Lots...

The new "shakers". Too cute to pass up!

Garden guardian watching over the basil and parsley.

New bean sprouting- the squirrels ate my first batch before I could...

The "garden". Maybe we will have fresh spinach, beans, tomatoes and herbs...

Weird rock scuptures at the TN welcome center.

Back of scupture at the TN welcome center.

Front of scupture.

Sculpture bottom piece.

"The Tower" in Crossville.

Built during the depression out of local rock.

It is now a museum.


In 1934 the land was given to homesteaders to build on. They...

Cumberland State Park Bridge

Fisherman at under the bridge by the falls.

Built out of local rock.

The only state park with a restaurant run by the state that...

This is the restaurant. Dan got a T-shirt here in the gift...

You can rent these stone cabins by the bridge. Very quaint.

We found some geocaches in the park along the hiking trails.

A cache hanging on a tree.

Dan found a turtle shell way up the hillside on a trail...

Underside of the shell. Some big bird must have eaten it here...

We hiked on the Pioneer Trail to find a cache. Great hike!...


Still on the Pioneer Trail that goes around the lake.

Trail Guy!

Lots of beauty on the trails here!

Some trees have fallen due to strong winds, so you just bend...

A swinging bridge. The ground is about 70 feet below. It wiggles...

The Swinging Bridge.

Wow, this is scarry! Are you sure we have to cross this?...

Whew, made it over the bridge. That was FUN!

Found the cache!

Lots of golf courses here. The rolling hills are perfect for golf!

Typical homestead house built out of local stone during the depression.

Found a cache here. Big Foot Spencer was the first white person...

Exalted moral character! Demon Rum! This was outside the "castle" building.

This is the "castle", so nicknamed by the locals.

Entrance to the "castle". It is now a museum.

Interesting architecture!

Ozone Falls, we hiked to the top of this falls.

Tennessee if very beautiful.

We have been hiking and geocaching every day. Lots of trails around here plus the Cumberland State Park has many interesting things.

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