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Hello to all of you that are following us along the way!

Its Mother Catherine here, I use that name because for the past two weeks here in Portugal the kids have been very sick.Yep!

When we first arrived, it was Kenya with high fever and chills, lasting 7 days.

Without a break of fever, except with medicine, 3 day's into it, I decided to administer the antibiotics our doctor had given us just in case.

Well, this was a case,and we started to thankfully see results in her health.

We had a 2 day break with no sickness, and on the Sunday evening before dinner, Cairo complained of a headache and soon to follow was a fever...#"%$#

Two days later, early in the morning, Morgan decided to join Cario in what we had set up as the hospital room.

We had one bed for the sickest,and then foamies on the floor for the rest.

All of this meant little sleep for me.

This flu, or whatever it was, congested them so bad they couldn't taste, smell or barely breath, so they really sounded like Grandpa was sleeping in the room with us.

Morgan,for those of you that don't know, has asthma,so it hit her real hard,steady puking,choking, and no appetite.

So on Thursday I decided it was time to take a trip to the hospital.

There is a beautiful new hospital in Santiago de Cacem.

We were there for over an hour getting Morgan and Cario looked at, the doctor was very concerned with the size of Morgans tonsils, and wanted to give her an injection of penecillin in her butt.

As Morgy hates needles,she had a slight panic attack! Not like our (O.K mine) Adult size panic attacks,bt just a kid size one.

Either way, I insisted that in Canada, we always do liquid,so if we could, we would prefer to go that route.

A very nice specialist arrived, and calmed the situation down by agreeing with me and prescribing a 3 day antibiotic for both Morgy and Cairo.

So on Sunday we took a trip into Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and remeber, Michelle had not been sick yet.

During our 2 hour journey,Michelle started to get a fever and chills!!!!!

Luckily I had brought fever medicine and antibiotics.

I started her on it right away, so she did managed til about 6.

So when it hit,it hit hard!

She started to feel real poor and at one shop almost fell asleep standing up.

Today is Tuesday, and Michelle is feeling way better. Yea!!!! barely feverish,and out of bed, so I would say,putting her on the antibiotic was a good thing!

Now,of course, I have a soar throat,and my glands are swollen on one side.

Yes it has been a bit stressful, but there is nothing that feels better, than knowing the kids are well.

On a brighter note, today is Tuesday Mar 27 and we are very excited to get on the road,and back to our own amazing race.

We will leave here tomorow and try to head to Algeciars, Spain.

Here we will hopefully catch the boat to North Africa....

Morocco here we come,we are ready to take in the sites,smells and medina's.

We are not sure, but it looks like, first to Fez, and then south to the desert.

Maybe even overnight it on a on a camel trek.

After this across the mountains and into Marrakesh.

Scotty and I have spent quite a bit of time there,so we know the kids should have blast! We will see where the road takes us from there.

with my Medical Journal,I meen Trip Journal.

Thx again for folowing along and it should get interesting.


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