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Penguins at Bolder Beach

Alien Safari

Ian arriving rock star style

And now for something completely different!

Enough of all this hippie Buddhist stuff, time to party! In addition to having amazing scenery and huge dangerous animals South Africa has a profusion of psytrance which is a good enough reason for coming here. I arrived to Cape Town after a long three day journey from Bhutan and immediately went into massive culture shock. Having spent the past four months in the third world the sight of Ferraris and expensive beach houses is a huge change from filth and rickshaws. There is a lot of money in CT and it's also very expensive. I've had to switch to a different life style than the one I've been living the past few months, no more cheap hotels at $5/night and eating out for $2, more dorm beds in backpacker hostels and self catering.

I rented a car and drove down the Cape Peninsula which is breathtakingly beautiful, white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water, very reminiscent of Hwy 1 in California but with a big mountain right in the middle. Similar to California the water is also freezing as it comes from the Antarctic and is full of great white sharks so I doubt I'll be doing much swimming! On Boulder Beach there is a cute colony of Jackass penguins which make noises like upset donkeys but are very fun to watch.

I timed my arrival to coincide with the Alien Safari, the first psytrance party of my visit with Commercial Hippies and Regan (from Hydrophonic) headlining. The party took place about 45 minutes drive from CT in a clump of eucalyptus trees on an open plain of farm land. The party was lots of fun and pretty much like parties in California. There were a few familiar faces from the trance scene that I recognized including Ian of course who arrived in rock star style at dawn fresh from his bothers wedding. The music was a little of the fluffy side for my tastes but I had a good time after so long without a psy-fix! The next party is a big three day festival over the Easter weekend which I'm looking forward to immensely.

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