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Taking the ferry to Koh Tao

At our favorite island restaurant, we go there once a day

At the bungalow with our new friend Moon

Bernie regards the creatures of the deep sea....what does it look like...

Under the sea, Under the sea, Darling it's better down where it's...

The view from breakfast

The view from happy hour!!

TC vs. Robin

We love American music

Should we order another drink? (JR, RH, CB)

Team America!!!

CB, RH, KK, JR @ happy hour

CB holding on for dear life and Robin having a great time...

Hello All,

The tiny island of Ko Tao is, without a doubt, paradise on Earth! So much so that we ended up staying for 8 days. We scored a "luxury" bungalow with two fans, or very own flushing toilet, towels, and a view of the ocean from the little front porch, all for one low price of $6.00 per person per night. A typical day went like this: breakfast underneath the palm trees on the beach, a few hours of sunbathing and swimming, more tasty Thai food, then sunset happy hour(s), which at times lasted a bit longer than they should have! The evenings were often spent singing along to American music with the fellow Farangs (the Thai term for Westerners) and being mesmerized by the handsome, talented Thai fire-twirlers. CB and KK are now certified in SCUBA diving thanks to the kind help of Nathan, the newest member of Team America. He even gave Bernie a personal tour of the underwater wonders! We also enjoyed a snorkeling tour of the island, where we swam with sharks! All in all, we met so many great people here, both native and foreigners, had an amazing, relaxing good time, and we all agree we wouldn't mind living here for a while. Next stop: Ko Phangnan...

Love JR, RH, CB and KK

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