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The queue at the Thailand-Cambodia border crossing

Some of the Thailand-to-Cambodia-by-road support group (2 days later so minus the...

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This is certainly the most memorable journey to date. We had heard tales of the kind of days that people had spent covering the same journey so we were a little prepared for it but it just seemed that everything that could take longer than stated, did, and every transport means that had seemed the direst yet was immediately surpassed by the subsequent set of wheels that appeared to convey us on our way !

07:30 depart Bangkok on 'VIP' coach (well it had aircon, even if you couldnt turn it off)

11:30 arrive near Cambodian border, stop at cafe while visas sorted (est: 1 hr)

14:30 leave cafe for border

15:00 arrive at border and get in to 30yd queue for Thai border control

16:30 get to front of queue and pass through Thai border control then wait for 30 mins ?!

17:00 get in to queue for Cambodian border control

17:45 pass through into Cambodia and board bus - whoopee !

17:50 bus arrives at shop and 'fleecing' exchange bureau, get off bus to wait for other bus

19:15 first bus arrives and is quickly filled, so we wait

19:20 pick-up truck arrives to take remaining passengers to waiting bus

19:30 pick-up departs with 7 people in cab, 15 people + bags in back, 1 on bonnet = 23 people !

(*NB. The road to Siem Reap is 80% potholed, untarmac'ed track)

20:00 arrive at 'bus' (cosy would be the estate agents description !) with healthy coating of dust from pick up journey

20:10 squeeze in to bus and depart

21:20 unannounced stop at cafe for 30 mins

01:10 arrive Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) not dropped at pre-booked hostel as promised

01:30 arrive at booked hostel, shower then bed

(2am-7am dream of potholes !)

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