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Ron & Joanne ready to leave

Lillian & Gayle ready for Mexico

Food cooking in Progreso

Colorful display

Fresh fruit for sale

Children dancing

Band getting together

Just dancing for the guys

Indian performer

Heading home

Yesterday was another day of wonderful weather here in the valley. It was partly cloudy with temperature in the low 80's and a nice breeze. We were awake early and had our coffee indoors, then watched for Ron & Joanne to show signs of being up and around. They were leaving and going to San Antonio for a few days before heading north to Canada. We said goodbye to them with hugs and promises that we would see each other back here in the valley next year. Gayle & Lillian were going with us to Mexico and we planned to leave around 9:00 AM. Each year for the last 31 years, Nuevo Progreso, Mexico has held a fiesta to thank the winter Texans for their business. They close off the main street which runs down the center of town, south from the international bridge. There were many bands playing and the town was filled with music, dancing, the aroma of food cooking on the grills, along with the many bright colors typical of Mexico, and the crowds of Mexican & American people celebrating and having a wonderful time together. It was lots of fun. They hold this celebration every year on March 21st. Our little group shopped our way through the town and found ourselves at the far southern end of town watching some children doing traditional dances. After that, we decided to have lunch at Arturos, which is at the north end of town. We fought upstream through the crowd for awhile and discovered that we were in front of Garcias, which is another good restaurant. We decided we had enough of the crowd and opted to have lunch at Garcias. The restaurant was also very crowded but the service and the food was very good. I had a small filet with steamed veggies and a baked potato, accompanied by soup, bread and a marguerita, while Marilyn had a Mexican plate filled with a variety of Mexican foods. She also had a marguerita and, of course, we were served chips and salsa as soon as we sat down at our table. Oh yes, the total bill for both of our meals was $21 and a few cents.

We stopped at the duty free store on the way back where I picked up some tequila for ourselves and some rum for our son-in-law, Steve. It was a short drive back to the RV and we were all cozy in our lounge chairs by 2:00 PM. We forgot that "Survivor" was going to be on Wednesday night and missed the first 15 minutes of it, but caught the rest of it. We read for awhile and worked on the computer before turning in for the night. I have some pictures to post which we took yesterday so I will stop boring you with the details of our activities and let you look at pictures. Can't wait to see what this day has in store. I know that it doesn't get any better than this lifestyle!

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