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A trip to this legendary mountain lake with ancient Inca tales and ruins, stories of human sacrifice and sun worship, and cute little Copacabana.

The Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, is so named, because the Inca's believe that the sun (their god) was born here. Its also where the first Inca was apparently born. The name Titicaca apparently means Puma Rock cos of its resemblance to, well, a puma. Proof, from what we could see, that the Inca's took heap big hallucinogenic.

The story goes that they used to sacrifice humans here once a year to please and/or appease the gods. Apart from the obligatory virgins (there really doesn't seem to have been much cause during the History of Man for a gal to remain a virgin), each peasant family (its always the peasants, innit) took it in turns for the father to nominate one of his prebuscent brats for the sacrifice. Now, this was no Abraham test-of-faith-but-pull-out-at-last-minute kinda things. They actually selected one of their own brats to be killed. Can you imagine the scenes, the dilemma's, the tears? And can you imagine how bloody well behaved those little brats musta been. No need for tales of hell, trolls or monsters under the bed. Oh no no no. Just a little "you do know, Ricardo, that its my turn to nominate a child for sacrifice this year, don't you" in the brat's ear, and well, waaadddaaayaknow, the kid would be yesir,nosir fetching water, ploughing fields and eating all his brussel sprouts.

Hmmmmmmmm ...

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