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One of the big guys

Two more across the pond

A snake (cottonmouth?) in the water

Dagger Point

Pathway to Dagger Point Overlook

View of the marshlands from the tower

Today's catch

The Aransas Wildlife Refuge was our goal today. It is about 35 miles northeast of Aransas Pass, but well worth the trip. We got a late start. If you go, you should definitely start early in the day. We checked in at the visitors center, watched the movie and other info. We skipped the first two stops since there were so many other people there and went right to the first hike. It was about 1.5 miles along some ponds. It was still pretty muddy from the rains and was also very humid and muggy. We didn't see many birds, but we did see alligators - six of them! They were all laying out on the shore sunning themselves. They were very still, but we could see their eyes following us. Most of them were across the pond or out in the center of the pond, but then we came to two of them right next to the path we were on! Big guys too. That was exciting!! On our way back, a little snake crawled across the path. He was too fast for us to identify, but I did notice he didn't have any rattles.

We decided to take the 16 mile driving loop. We did see a few Egrets and a lot of hawks, but not much else. We felt like it was a waste of time. Next, on to the Dagger Point overlook. This was a great view of the "wild" coastline. No groomed beaches here - lots of driftwood and steep sand banks down to the water. Also, no birds.

Next stop was the 40 foot lookout tower. This was worth the whole trip. We should have gone here first. We were able to look out over the marshlands and there were lots of shorebirds here. It was getting to be late in the day, so we also were able to view a deer and a wild pig that were coming out to feed.

Gary called and we had forgotten that tonight was "music jam" night at the park, so we hurried toward home. On our way out of the refuge, we saw more deer and a little group of javalinas.

We got home just in time for JoElla to make it to the jam session. There were about 15 musicians in the group this week. Lots of people have asked us about Gary and JoElla's singing and playing. Everyone likes their music and will be sad when they leave.

The guys also caught their limit of 10 sheephead today. Everyone is really tired, but they are going to fish again tomorrow.

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