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Tent with a view

Waihi Beach

First thing in the morning we were off to see some Glowworms, in the Waitomo Caves. We took a walk through the ancient underground labyrinth which is sacred to the Maori people and got to see lovely limestone formations and the Cathedral cavern. After seeing a few of these glowworms or arachnocampa luminosa in their thin and fragile hammocks/fishing nets used to catch prey, we headed down into the grotto and boarded a small boat. As we turned the corner we were met by thousands of these tiny creatures radiating their luminescent light which reflected in the water giving the dark cave an eering and mystical feel.

Coming back into daylight we bid our guide farewell so that we could continue to Cambridge, a very green, and old-fashioned small town which had a charming English village feel to the place, especially when we passed a local cricket game on the village green and the avenues lined with broad, shady European trees. With not a great deal to do here we continued north to Hamilton, NZ's largest inland city where we took a short walk down the main street before heading for our final destination, Waihi Beach.

Waihi Beach is absolutely gorgeous and can be found at the southern end of the Coromandel Peninsula. We set up camp for the night right on the beach. This would become home to us for the next few days to rest weary limbs and to research our next big tour for South America. Later that day we ventured into Waihi Beach town which was lovely and small for a homemade cake from the bakery which we ate on the beach taking in the sun.

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