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the cove

looking through the cove

We awoke a little late this morning. It was our first night spent in the camper van (first night spent in any camper van) and, all in all, it wasn't bad. It was chilly so we ate a quick breakfast, showered and began our walk to Cathedral Cove. It was a fantastic coastal walk with lots of pretty foliage and animals along the way. It took about an hour and a half but was a very easy walk so we just took our time. When we got to the cove we soon discovered it was worth the walk. We layed down on the rocks for awhile and I was just falling asleep when a Japanese film crew came over to interview Matt. Yes, I am absolutely serious. The interviewee, a young Japanese man, spoke to Matt in Japanese while Matt waited for his translator to translate. They were going about it pretty well and I was just getting my camera out to get a shot of the actual interview when BAMMM!!!!...... a HUGE wave crashed up and doused the film camera with salt water. You can imagine how upset the guy was, furiously trying to dry out the camera. Thank goodness I was a distance away. I got a few pics of Matt with the interviewee though. He was sort of a Japanese Ian Wright (GlobeTrekker for those of you that don't follow) but not quite as outgoing. Really nice though, at least what we could understand seemed nice. He may have been saying "look at the American asses, what is this guy, a skinhead?"

We left Cathedral Cove after lunch and headed down towards Rotorua. When we got there, we stopped to eat at a Turkish kebab place (these are quite common here) and the food was excellent. We then went to a small convenience store and the Australian clerk chatted it up with us for awhile. He suggested that we spend the night at a local park called Fernland. He said it was unlike any other camp park we were likely to find. It certainly was. This place was far down in a small alcove of ferns and the only way to describe it is "lush tropics". We soon discovered it was a thermal hot spring and our fee for the night included unlimited use of the hot pool. The water is constant 52 degrees celcius and they just made a new bore in the earth so the minerals were concentrated. We decided to go one better and hire the private mineral pool with open sky roof for half an hour. It seemed a bit dirty, kind of like those seedy rent-by-the-hour motel rooms, but we just went along with it. I won't go into detail here! was it worth it!!

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