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another view

behind the falls

rutty campground

The Palenque area is very lush and tropical. It has about 85 inches of rain annually. Judging by the difficulty we had getting ourselves into this campground sinking into the mud up to our axles, we are hoping that the rain will hold off again until we leave. With all the rain and mountains, this area is also lush with waterfalls. We drove to Misol-Ha, a dramatic falls that had a walkway that went behind it. The falls dumped into a large pool that some tourists plunged into for a refreshing swim. There was another falls farther up the road that was on the itinerary. Total drive - 35 miles; total drive time - 2 hours. In light of our ongoing coughing and fevers, we went home and went to bed. Bummer.

But on a happy note, we have been rejoined by our ailing group members, who stayed back at Shel-ha to have their illnessess tended to at the hospital. It appears that all of us who are ill, have various versions to the same disease with minor variations. It must have been highly contagious wherever we got it - the bus ride to Xcaret perhaps? - but doesn't seem to be contagious between us. It's great to have our group back at full strength.

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