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Thankfully, we saw morning healthy and happy. We praise God we have no symptoms of the illness many of the others are suffering with.

Our itinerary today takes us to two waterfalls. One is about 12 miles away and the other is another 25 miles distant from the first.

Our wagon master led us to the first, Misol-Ha. The drive was very scenic over hilly lush green terrain. Misol-Ha is a waterfall which flows from over 100 feet into a wide pool. Tropical vegetation, coupled with the sound of falling water, made it feel like a very peaceful and relaxing place. We could descend several steps down to the pool area for better views of the thundering falls. Swimming is allowed but you know that's not my cup of tea. A path behind the main waterfall led into a cave. Here we were able to get a better appreciation for the power of the water and a little damp which actually felt refreshing because it's so hot and humid in this region.

We proceeded on to the second, Agua Azul. The drive became more scenic traversing winding narrow roads through a beautiful emerald green landscape. In places, a blue haze shrouded the hills reminiscent of the Smokey Mountain area back home. We encountered some roadside vendors selling fruits and other stuff. They employed a more aggressive sales approach by stretching a rope dotted with colorful flags across the road to get us to stop. We stopped to take some pictures of the picturesque village of Santa Maria. Soon we crossed the bridge over Rio Tulija and arrived at the main waterfalls area.

Agua Azul is better described as a cascading waterfall. Sheets of dazzling white water flowed over very polished, terraced rocks and culminated in various colorful pools of aquamarine water at the base. Lots of tropical vegetation gave the area a jungle-like feel. A pathway of steps led up the side of the waterfalls for about 700 meters. A viewing platform gave a nice view to the turquoise pools below. The entire area was populated with various souvenir stalls and restaurants.

We headed back to the campground to prepare for our departure to Villahermosa manana. After a quick run to Pemex to fuel up the Jeep, we made another quick stop at Super Che to stock up on cokes. Joe met a little lady about 6 years old who could have charmed a cobra. She helped him load the cokes in the Jeep all the while flashing her brown eyes and grinning happily. She charmed Joe out of a few pesos. We had dinner at the local restaurant and we're ready to move on. It was a nice relaxing day.

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