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Up a little earlier today as had to send a few packages (now nuts all over my bed!) home (think a mouse just crossed the corridor, this is going well). Completed my tasks by lunch time, I know how you guys at work must feel now. Went with Chen to get something to eat then left for Hyderabad. I had to get to Chennai by bus then to the station by another bus.

Found my sleeper top bunk, nice. Got all sorted. After about 5mins before the train was due to leave I was asked by the lady next to me something. No idea what she wanted, no idea what language she was speaking. She then said 'Hindi' pointing at me as though I should understand her. 'No' I replied. She tutted and turned to talk with someone out the window. Okay love, I have been here 4 1/2 weeks and have picked up the main language of India that only 40% of the Indian people speak. Totally understand you. I have enough trouble with the head wobble, that deserves (yep was a mouse) a whole page of its own.

After a little time a guy translated for her and it turned out she wanted me to swap places and carriages with her friend. I had top bunk though and had to trade something similar, sat on the side by the window now which is better.

Went to bed, had quite an interrupted not surprisingly.

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