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Oh Canada!! It feels like a new day but still pouring rain out. We were up early and left Oregon bound for Washington. our plan was to take the ferry accross at port Angeles in Washington after spending the night there but heavy rains the entire day changed our minds. I research the weather over on the Coast in Victoria B.C. and found that the weather was much the same and the foracast looked bad for the next 3 to 4 days.

We decided to now skip Victoria and drive into Canada at the Abbotsford/Cumanas border. it has been rainy hard most of the day and driving has been difficult as we went through Portland and Seattle. These cities are huge in comparison to Edmonton but they have an incredible road system that allows one to go right down the middle of the city at speeds of 75 miles per hour.

We entered Canada at about 6pm without difficulty and were on our way without any hassles or being checked at all. We made it ibto Hope B.C and the Rocky Mountains are huge, rugged, snow capped and they are all around you as if you are as if you have been swallowed up by rock. It is nice to see the snow atop of the mountains and the fog lingering in the vallies. I could do without all this rain!! We are going to drive up to Jasper and see what the weather is like, maybe stay a night and then head home wich is only 3 hours from there.

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