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Its me--I'm still alive. Still in Honduras , mainly in the Northeren part near the caribbean Tela. Here I've been enjoying the local town life, sampling garafuna food and have taken a couple excursions. Mostly I've been in classes for two weeeks reviewing everything I already forgot in Spanish. But each time I have classes I understand the language a little better..even if I can't speak it very well yet.

One of the excursions was to Isopo Nat Park where two by two the group set off in kayaks to explore a river that winds through a rich and lush Mangrove jungle. After several hours searching for animals and river life we returned for a delicious Garafuna prepared fish lunch on one of the beautiful warm beaches here in the North. Today I head out again...this time for La Ceiba (see map) This is one of two popular islands off the coast of Honduras. The other is Roatan. Otherwise everything is going well so far...I am now taking malaria medication just in case..since there have been reported Denque cases.. Talk to you Soon...


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