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Hi Snorkler Joe

A swim suit and flip flops was the dress code for the day since we were heading off to the Xel-Ha Water Park. Now, you know I don't own a swimsuit so I wore my 'land lover' clothes' I had no intention of going anywhere to get wet.

This is another one of those parks where you can upgrade your basic admission by paying a little extra to get lockers, snorkel gear, towels, and unlimited food and drinks included. Xel-Ha is all about water, food and drink, and shopping.

So, our group started off with the buffet breakfast at one of several restaurants, I had more food than I usually consume for two meals on a normal day. Then, we were ready (we = Joe) for the water. We took the river shuttle tram to the beginning of the river. It looked like a sea of royal blue floaters as everyone donned their swim fins, masks, snorkel tubes, and optional lifejackets, or floatation tubes to explore the river. Joe and some others floated the river and saw lots of aquamarine life while I walked back on the nature path and contented myself with a hammock and a book. Actually, I saw several of the little irridescent tropical fish on my return trip. Numerous gift shops carried everything from postcards to beautiful glass dolphins so I wasn't bored.

By midafternoon, Joe had enough snorkeling and we headed back to the motorhome to take Foxy for a walk and prepare for our departure manana. We returned to the water park and had a chance to take in some of the other attractions; such as, the macaws, various plants, the lighthouse, and the floating bridge. We also wanted a last look at the Dolphins taking part in the swim with the humans who paid a hefty price for the joy of interaction with them. We had a light snack at one of the restaurants. I'm sure the park made money on us since our food and drink consumption was very moderate.

If you love water, this is a great aquatic adventure. Even if you don't love water, the lagoons are beautiful and there's enough entertainment to make a very relaxing day in this idyllic tropical setting.

When we returned to the coach a lovely young couple from Israel, who were on their honeymoon, asked if they could see the interior of our motorhome. Of course, we obliged; we're always happy to show off our 'home'. They were quite amazed at the space and took pictures of us and Foxy.

Our tour briefing capped off our day. We must leave the Caribbean tomorrow and head inland toward Palenque.

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