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the beach in maceio

The coral pools

Drinking a coconut in the middle of the ocean

The bar

'Gunga beach'

Gunga again


drinking in gunga

The most easterly point in south america - Jaoa Persoa

Cool river bar

Cocina's beach - just out of Joao Persoa


The gang at cocinas, from the left, Ehud from Isreal, Luke the...

me at sunrise

the first sun of south america

view from our balcony in praia da pipa'- hammocks everywhere

our 'sunset bar

sunset (really starting to get fancy with the camera now!!)

me at sunset

'bay of dolphins'

lunch at Madeira beach today

howdy all,

Well, the end of the endless summer is here. At the mo, killing 6 hours in the Natal airport waiting to get the plance back to sao paulo. Which signals the end of the brasillian beach trip - roughly over 1 1/2 months, i've covered about 3000 km, stayed at 11 beach towns and had a blast. Really the hardest question i had in my life over the past few months was what to have for lunch........

From here, i'm going back to Sao Paulo to meet one of my brasillian brothers, will stay there for a few days before heading back to Jaragua which is where i lived for the first 6 months of my exchange last time to stay with my other brother and meet up with old friends, then probably to Curitiba to meet up with a mate, then high tail it out of brasil....

From last entry, haven't really done too much (i know that's how all of my diary's start. Got bus from Salvador and went to Maceio, which had some of the bluest, turquoise waters i've ever seen. Met up with a cool group there who as well, were all there to detox from carnival. Took an organised day trip one day, from one of the beaches we went to, you take a boat out to these natural coral pools in the middle of the ocean and get out and walk around, then you cruise up to a little sand bank - still in the middle of nowhere, where this guy just has an old tinnie boat for a bar, and you sit in the water and have you're cocktails - very nice, then to another beach where myself and another aussie chick just spent the next few hours lying down in the shallow's of the beach and getting the waiter to come over into the water to serve us beers - very very nice.

From Maceio went to Jaoa Persoa. Hired a car for a day with an aussie, israeli and swiss. Tops day, baught an esky - and well, need i say more - beautiful beaches and cold beer. Jaoa persoa has the most eastern point in south America - so needless to say, we went out, got wasted and went to the point - the first 8 guys in South America to see the sun rise...............

From Jaoa Persoa travelled with the crew up to Praia da Pipa - tops. sort of like byron bar brasillian style. More great beaches and beer. They've got a huge wild dolphin population near a few of the beaches, went for a surf yesterday and literally had the dolphins surfing with us - very nice. Found a great bar, with steps literally coming out of the ocean, was the local for the sunset beers most days.

So, as you can tell, the endless summer has been great - if not a bit expensive, spent about double the budget i had for brasil - but woteva, it's Brasil baby!!!!!!!

about all for me, now have only 4 1/2 hours to kill here before my first plane trip since i landed.



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