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Gnung Batur Volcano

Hello All,

Jodie and I have just returned from a rather disappointing trip to the Volcano. The hotel we stayed at wasn't too bad (other than the millions of fly's buzzing around everywhere) and the food was OK (a little bland but edible) the main problem was the weather!

Having traveled 2.5 hours by taxi to get to a remote village at the base, we booked a sunrise volcano trek for 5am the following morning. The night was pretty wet but having spoken to the locals, who advised us that it never rained until lunchtime, we packed ourselves off nice and early for a good nights sleep. It turns out the locals know nothing of weather fronts... We were awoken at around 3am by the strongest wind and heaviest rain I'd ever seen! Our guide did turn up at 5am but judging by his face (when we told him we would not be going up any mountains today) he didn't seem to disappointed with the prospect of drying off and going back to bed for a few hours!!

Before the volcano trip we spent a couple of glorious days in Ubud enjoying the laid back atmosphere of Bali's arts & culture capital. A couple of highlights were visiting the Monkey Forest (which Jodie has already mentioned) and spending an evening singing, talking and joking with some of Ubud's trendiest musicians and artists (we were sitting in a really cool but busy cafe and they ended up sharing a table with us).

Not a lot to report on today, we are in Jimbaran Bay and plan to spend the evening in one of the many beach-side restaurants eating fresh fish and enjoying the sound of waves breaking in the background (sounds good, lets hope it doesn't rain).

Hope everyone's well and look forward to your messages. Love J & J

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