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On the road into the park


Bridge over the river

In the jungle

Guarani Falls

After breakfast I asked the girl from the hotel a few questions about the village and the park. I checked for the bus terminal at 8.30. I was suppossed to meet one of the guys from the night before there who had offered me a ride to the park. However He was not there. I was a bit relieved because I wasn't sure if I could really trust the guy or not. I checked at the agency about a bus to Ciudad del Este the following morning. There was one leaving at 7am. That was the only one.

I jumped at the bus leaving for the national park at 10am. It was quite full, but on the way more and more people got off and when we finally arrived at the park entrance we were only 3 people left on the bus. The bus driver advised us that this was the only bus to the park for the day and that we would have to walk 6km back to get bus back to the village or find another way of getting back. That was all right with me.

The 3 of us went to the entrance where there was a ranger. We paid the admission fee looked at the map and had a short breathing. The two others decided to do the historical part 1st. I decided to check out the rain forest! So I walked of by myself on the main road into the national park. I was all alone there was just me, a lot of plants and millions of butterflies and other insects. It was quiet and peaceful. After a while I arrived at the visitor centre and the campsite. The visitor centre was closed and campsite deserted. I decided to walk on.

After quite some walk I was overtaken my some motorcycles. I tried to ask them about the waterfalls, but they were to fast. After a very long walk I finally got to sign that said that this area was not opened for visitors, so I decided to make my way back to the visitor centre. It was bleeding hot and was almost out of water and I still had quite a way to walk as suddenly a truck came up from behind. The guys in the truck asked me if I wanted a lift. I asked them if they could take me back to the visitor centre. I jumped on the back of the truck and was riding, standing up down the hill through the rainforest.

Back at the camp side I filled up my water bottle at the spring and started to wander around. I went down to the river and found a small bridge. I crossed over and found a sign post saying Guarani falls 2km! Finally! I went in that direction and found a slim path leading through the jungle. This was more how I liked it. I picked up a stick and followed the trail. I used the stick to crush spider webs ahead. It seemed as no one had walked that path for a long time. It was amazing walking alone through the jungle not knowing were I was going and hearing strange sounds all over the place. There were a lot fewer insects in the shade than there were on the open road. The waterfalls where pretty but nothing special. I made my way back to the camp side. When I arrived there I saw another group of people. I was not all alone in the jungle.

I refilled my water again and made my way to the self guided trail heading back to the historical path, it was 2.30 already and I was getting a bit tired of walking around. On my way down to the trail, I discovered other water falls. There were a lot of butterflies around that waterfall. I made my way down the trail. It was taking forever. It took me another hour to arrive at the historical part.

I arrived at the old dam and crossed it, a ranger was doing something beneath. I went over to check out the mill and a statue that was paced in the centre of the square. Than I went into the museum, 3 more people arrived. They were explaining some things. It was very interesting. After the museum they went over to the mill and I went to check out another statue closer to the entrance area. I was hopping that they would take me back to the village after when they were done.

I went down to the ranger office and set down on the bench with one of the ranger. He told me that the people had just arrived and that they hadn't been to the park yet. I decided to wait. I set there talking to ranger. He told me many interesting things about the park, than we talked about Europe and Paraguay. I offered me some terere.

After a long chat with a ranger the people finally came back from the park. I stopped them and asked them if they could give me a lift back to town. They agreed and off we went. I learned that the driver was a doctor from Asuncion, the woman at his side was his wife and the guy sitting next to me was a friend working in IT. They were really friendly, they told me that they were spending some time to in Ybycui and explained me a lot of things about the history of Paraguay and other interesting facts about the country. They dropped me of just in front of the hotel. I was so thankful.

Back at the hotel I had a badly needed shower and got ready to go out get some. I left the hotel, but didn't get far. It started to rain and thunder. I went back to my room and had some sandwiches there. I didn't leave the hotel again that night.

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