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The roads turned into rivers

The bus to Ybycui

I got up around 8am...I went down to have breakfast. It was nothing special but it was alright. Than I went to get some water and packed my bag. I had to check out at 10am. I left my stuff in reception and went to the supermarket to get supplies for my trip. Thereafter I went to the internet cafe to update the website with photos and text and to call my parents. There was a power cut and most of the photos that I was trying to upload were lost. When the power came back on my pc was not doing anything to come back on... I still had my photo CD in the pc and had difficulties to get it out...when I finally got it working again, I decided to take my disc and go get some food.

I went to the vegetarian place recommended by lonely planet. However as it was already 2.30pm there was not much left at the buffet. The girl offered me to make me some sandwiches. I wanted to leave to get food elsewhere but it started raining heavily. I decided to stay and accepted. I had my sandwich and a fruit didn't stop raining, but I had to leave to get ready to go to Ybycui. The waitress gave me a bin bag to cover me up. So I went dressed in a bin bag back to the hotel.

I got changed in the toilets and packed up the rest of the things. Than I went over to the taxi stand next to the hotel and jumped into a cab. It was raining like mad and the streets were transforming into rivers. On plus there was a lot of traffic and it took us over 40min to get to the bus terminal. At the bus terminal I went to check for a bus to Ybycui....the guy at the counter told me that I had just arrived in time and the last bus was to leave within 10min. I paid the fare and rushed to the platform.

I arrived just in time. I jumped on and of we went. The bus was filling slowly on our way out out of Asuncion. And slowly people dropped of again...There was quite some talent on the bus. I spend the time looking out on the landscape passing by, drinking terere and listening to Maria Bertania.

After 3hours we arrived in Ybycui village. The bus driver dropped me of just in front of the hotel. I checked into my room and had a wash up. The restaurant was closed so I decided to check out the village and look for some food.

I came to a little bar with a grill outside...I thought that would do me for tonight and settled in with some locals that were sitting on the pavement in a circle.

I had a couple of hot dogs and a beer. I was chatting away with the locals. They were really friendly. They tried to teach me Guarani. The official language of Paraguay. Paraguay has two official languages Guarani the Indian language and Spanish. It was very difficult and I forgot almost everything at once. After having a couple of beers with the locals I decided to pay and go get some rest. I paid my bill and off I went!

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