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Joe, I see an Iguana

Another welcome free day awaits. I think I'm still tired from yesterday's outing. Joe is up and about early taking Foxy for her morning 'iguana hunt'. She is obsessed with these little critters.

I went to the bank with Hutch & Margrita, Wal-Mart, and Sam's. It's so easy to entertain us on our free days. We actually welcome the free days to catch up on cleaning and other chores. We have found the fulltime RV'ers utilize free days differently than the non-fulltimers. We're happy to hang around the park and do chores. My friend says it's because we travel all the time, we don't feel like we're on vacation and have to be on the go all the time.

We had the usual social hour and tour briefing. A group dinner at Flamingos, where we celebrated Donna's birthday and Hutch & Margrita's anniversary, capped off our stay in Cancun. It was a fun evening and now we're ready to move on again in the morning.

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