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Police Discover Valuable Charlie Chaplin Film in Garage of Victoria Home

By EDWARD BELL, Non-Associated Press Writer

2 hours, 42 minutes ago

Geelong, Australia - While executing search warrants across the State of Victoria for illicit marijuana grow operations disguised by the sound of crying new born babies, Geelong police uncovered what they believe to be a rare and as yet unseen film depicting Charlie Chaplin prior to his not so well publicized sex change operation.

Experts from the Untied States have been in contact with Victoria Police in connection with the find, and have been involved in authenticating the old but still intact clip. Flying in from Hollywood, a team of experts examined the footage using several modern forensic techniques and determined the film to be authentic, and from a time when Chaplin lived with his sister in Waurn Ponds, near the city of Geelong.

In commenting on the film, Chief Investigative Officer Key Passecret from the United States Ministry of Excess Cover-up and General Men in Black Stuff Including Most of the Details Surrounding the Kennedy Assassination (the MECGMBSIMDSKA) stated " We have always known there was some risk that this film would eventually fall into public hands, however, after carefully weighing the subject matter, and the amount of time that has passed since Chaplin's death, we believe that it is appropriate to release this information at this time".

Chaplin fans throughout the world were stunned by the news. In particular, the Nashville, Tennessee branch of "The We Have Everything Chaplin Ever Did Club" was spurred into immediate action; attempting to arrange the purchase of the film by creating an options market on E-bay for which they have been purchasing both sides of the transaction over the last 24 hours. The medical community has also shown interest, as there was up until now no medical evidence of sex change operations prior to the 1950's. The New England Journal of Medicine is currently researching this issue.

The owners of the Geelong home in which the clip was found are currently in discussion with their lawyers as to what the best course of action would be with respect to the clip. Many Hollywood studios have expressed an interest in purchasing the rare footage.

For their part, the owners of the Geelong home, who wish to remain anonymous, stated "We knew about the clip for a number of months. We found it in the garage when we moved in, but thought it was just some crazy home video with some wacky lady in it. I guess we should have looked more closely!"

Police are now investigating further to determine who a certain Gary Robinson is. Currently unknown, Mr. Robinson, who appears in the credits of the clip, may have been the first person ever to direct Chaplin's work.


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