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11 Cactus Giganti


Parque Natural de Desierto Central De Baja California

Mileage 17,069

I was afraid that we would be stuck in Guerrero Negro for awhile while Rob got better but he decided that, although it was a restless night for us both, he could drive the next day to Cataviña - our next stop. What'a guy! He was ok on the drive but I got progressively worse with pain in my right side.

We made it ok though, and discovered a stark and beautiful campsite in the Parque Natural de Desierto Central De Baja California in the middle of a mesa covered with cacti and boulders. The rocky landscape, inter-mixed with various cacti forests, was eerily spectacular. A very beautiful high desert sight. Unfortunately, the campground is a financial failure - other than hiking, there is nothing to do here and no place close to go.

But all was not well. Rob was feeling as good as could be expected but I was concerned about the intense pain I was experiencing. We are to leave again tomorrow for Ensenada so I asked the leader of the tour to scope out a doctor for me to see upon arrival.

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