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BahÍa Concepción

BahÍa Concepción

BahÍa de la Paz

On the way to Cañón de la Trinidad

Walking on Water to Cañón de la Trinidad

Rubba Dub Dub - Afraid to get Their Feet Wet on the...

Cañón de la Trinidad Pictograghs

Lunch Being Prepared for Us

View from the Front Window

Meeting Head On - Sometimes They Share the Road and Sometimes They...

Mileage 16,726

We're still on the Sea of Cortez at San Buenaventura on Bahía Concepción. Again we are nose to the beach, just a couple of feet from the blue, blue water. Just a nice, kick-back place. We'll decompress.... (From what, you ask...) We hiked with a group up into the Cañón Trinidad to see the pre-Columbian rock paintings. We had fun clambering over the rocks and wading through the streams, thigh deep, to a spectacular setting. The rock paintings themselves are multicolored Cochimí depictions of human figures and wildlife, including fish and sea turtles. A great side trip but sad to think that diseases brought by the Europeans killed so many thousands of the indigenous peoples and that the last Cochimí died in 1865; just over 300 years after Cortés' landing in the New World!

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