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Next stop was Queenstown, the "adventure capital of the world". More like the financial fisting capital of the world, cos damn, but it is expensive.

Highlights were, me getting to throw Fuzz out of a plane from 3,000 metres, falling at 200km/hr. Alas she had a parachute (and drop dead gorgeous instructor) strapped to her back so the life insurance policy will have to wait. I am still trying to determine whether Fuzz's squeals were cos she scared or cos Fabien, the Swiss model posing as a skydiving instructor, was showing her how to rip his chord off. Either way, she loved it, and didnt seem too scared.

I then threw myself into a canyon on a canyon swing where you drop 160m, then the rope catches and you swing way out into the canyon and back a few times before being roped up. I have to confess that I did squeal like a girly man on the first jump. The macho kiwi guys were shaking their heads in disappointment ... I mentioned how they hadnt won the world cup since 1987 and that shut them up. Cheeky buggers.

We also did the Shotover Falls jet which was pretty awesome altho Fuzz was heard to be shouting faster faster, more more ... which are not words she normally has to blurt out.

Alas at this stage, Clarky and Janelle had to leave us to head back to Wellington. They took my frisbee so I was real upset to see them go, which is why I shed a tear.

Fuzz and I stayed on another 3 days, exploring the area and eating the chilli chocolate that Clarky had discovered. Now why has no-one thought of that before ???

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