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A five hour bus ride to Brazil's third largest city led me to a hostel in which I was the only male visitor. My dorm of 14 beds had just me - eerily silent. I think there was one other female guest, but she didn't speak English, nor understood my Spanish so I didn't really have an opportunity to try any other tounges on her. The reason for my visit was it being a stepping stone to Ouro Preto, a goldrush town a further 2 hours away which was the height of wealth during Portugal's colonial period.

BH itself proved to be nothing more than a spawling metropolis, although it does sport one of the best Hard Rock Cafe's I've been to in terms of views. It lives in the Alta Vila Tower complex which sits over 500m above the city centre. Again being the tourist hub that it obviously is, the cafe was empty apart from me and about 10 staff. I decided to have dinner there anyway and enjoy the view, much the joy of the staff. They could only twiddle their thumbs for so long before going stir crazy. It was clear when it came to pay that I'd been the only one there all day. The cash in the till was still bagged up from the night before. I just hoped that their refrigerator was working well as I was having visions of dinner having sat in there for days waiting so some idiot (me) to order.

After a planned visit to Ouro Preto I think I'll be making my way very quickly out of here. Nice place but none of the nightlife I've become accustomed to - and I'm running out of books already. I brought six with me and only have 3 left. Anyone been successful with teleportation yet?, the 26hr bus ride out of here is going to hurt...

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