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I woke up around 8am. I had not slept very well, my back was hurting from the mattress, the water from the toilet was running all night and the noise from the street kept me up as well... I wanted to go for breakfast, but the girl said that costed extra... I decided that I was gonna go to another hotel and I advised the girl that I was checking out that morning. Than I left to go to the tourist information. On my way there I saw a lot of people in white uniforms.

I stopped by Rochester's camera shop, to get my photos burned on a disk...but it was closed. It was "Dia de los Heroes", a public holiday in Paraguay. I went to the tourist information to get a recommendation for a decent but cheap hotel. The girl gave me some addresses. Than I asked her about the white uniforms. She explained that about dia de los heroes and that there was a manifestation that morning. I had missed it!

After that I went back to hotel to check out. I still left my stuff there. And went to check out some of the addresses. When I found one that looked decent I decided to do some sight seeing next? As it was a public holiday...all museums were closed. Therefore the old train station was opened to visit I went to check it...after that I decided to the walking route recommended in my lonely planet. It was very nice but unbearable hot.

It had over 40ºc. It was around 2pm when I had finished my tour. The town was deserted by that time...there was hardly anyone on the streets. I was looking for a place to by water....after a while I found a place. Than I decided that I was gonna call Diego.

I walked down to Uruguay. On my way there a quite handsome guy about my age tried to chat me up, but I wasn't interested. He insisted though that I would take his number...he asked me to call him and I said I would think about it! I tried to call Diego, he didn't pick up... so I decided to move to the other hotel. I checked in and went to my room. I think I had a little sun stitch, I was amazingly tired and so I slept until 5pm.

When I woke up I had some tereré (cold, sweet mate) and than I went to search for a cafe to have some food. It wasn't easy to find a place that was open as the whole centre was dead. After looking for over an hour I finally got lucky. I had some food and than tried to call Diego again. Nothing... I thought whatever...I just leave it.

I went back home to have another shower and to watch the news. After a while I thought I was gonna go to a cafe that I had seen on my way back. I went there and sat down. Two guys on the neighbour table started talking to me. We had some long and interesting conversation. I sat down with them and we had some beers together. After a while the heat got me again and I got a little dipsy...I had some food than I felt better. After that I decided go home... I paid my bill said goodbye to my new friends and left!

I went back to my room and fell into a deep sleep!

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