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Had a nice lay in. Got up at 10am, packed, met Tino and went to find breakfast. That was an expensive experience. You could say the rupee is well and truly in my head now. Breakfast cost a whopping 1 pound 20, that is expensive!!.

Whilst on the way to find our food I caused a little accident. I crossed a t-junction, some woman was riding towards me on her bike and a motor bike coming up on my right. Think I must have blinded the cyclist as when I moved out the way she hit the side of the motorbike. The guy riding was really impressed and nearly gave her a backhand. Her legs could not really reach the floor and the bike just fell over with the motorbike following close behind. I helped by putting my head down and just kept walking.

After breakfast went back to get our bags, Tino was also heading to my next stop of Mamallapuram. Whilst walking back I noticed this bloke on my shoulder, really heavy he was, I looked at him as he was walking to the side of me. Though he may be eying my bag up. He caught my eye put his hand on my shoulder and just started crying. Thought 'got a nutter here'. Looked at him again and he rattled off something about a hospital and needed money. Really blubbing at this point. Still walking, still crying, still giving the sob story. I stopped looked at him and told him that if he wanted an award the Oscars had just finished. He kept going and I had to swat him away at which point the tears dried and he walked away to find the next tourist. Do people fall for this crap???

Picked up our bags and went to the bus stand. Conveniently the next bus to Mamallapuram was leaving in five minutes. Never thought that men could get PMT but our bus driver certainly had it. Tino and I were the first on the bus so decided to sit at the front and put our backpacks in the nice big space by the driver. The driver was not happy and started pointing at the isle. We pretended not to understand him so he continued throwing a spak. Tino left his bag where it was and I took mine and put on the seat next to me. No not good enough. Had to go on the floor (some bloke has just got caught looking at a porn movie on the net - sounded like she was enjoying whatever!!). I stood my bag up on the floor, totally obstructing the walkway, he wanted the bag laid down. I told him it was not being laid down and he was just being petty, this point his arms were going everywhere. I had had a couple of crap days and am sorry Mum but told him to 'fuck off, the bag was staying put'.

His attitude did not stop there. A bit after the bus had set off I was sat behind him with my arm dangling out the window. Next I was like 'ow!'. The driver had decided that he did not want my arm there so reached back and punched my had a couple of times. Little fucker, did I bite the lip.

Arrived at Mamallapuram, got a rickshaw to the main road and looked for a hotel. Again very busy and everywhere was either booked or too expensive.

Tino and I decided to split up and find our own accommodation. This turned out to be quite good. Walking around I was shown a room and was too expensive. The owner said he knew a place for 150 rupees a night and would take me in conveniently parked rickshaw. It was a good suggestion. Found this little place a little out of town and was nice and quite. Got the room for 130 rupees. Will stay a few nights.

Met Tino in the evening had some food and went back to the room.

Mamallapuram seems a nice relaxed place. It is a world heritage site with lots of stone.

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