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2nd Class Bench

2nd Class Carriage. Empty!!

Had a good nights sleep and not bitten once. The mozzies in India are the worst I have ever seen. Absolutely brutal and don't seem to have that typical buzzing mozzie noise either.

Got up, chucked my pack on my back and went to the train station.

Gave into the guy selling samosas on the platform and had them for breakfast. Alot nicer than the African ones. Managed to buy the right ticket so sat in a nice comfy armchair with AC for 6hrs.

Arrived at Villapuram Junction where I had to change trains. Arrived in Pondicherry and met a Swiss guy on the platform (Tino) who was wondering where to stay.

We went together and after walking around for half an hour found a little hotel with a 'Rooms for Rent' sign on the gate. Shown to a couple of rooms that were okay and put our bags in. Just about to start getting sorted and a guy walked in saying we could not stay there. 'We are renovating'. They let us leave our bags and went to find somewhere else. Managed, in nearly two hours, to find one double room. I said that Tino could have it and we continued to look. Eventually I gave up and went back to the hotel where our bags were. The two lads took pity on us and said that I could stay one night. That's good as will be leaving tomorrow.

In the evening went to a French restaurant and blew the equivalent of 3 nights accommodation on one meal. It was not really that good.

Finished my book and went to bed.

Pondicherry was a French colony and thought it would be a welcome break from 'normal India'. Upon arrival I realized I was wrong. It comes across as a little pretentious, bit up its own arse. Everything is three times the price bit strange seeing Indians speaking French and to many beautiful people or think they are beautiful.

The promenade was not as expected a scattering of little cafes and probably the shittest beach (a frog has just jumped into my room!!) I have seen in a long time. Far to many white people and a little to western.

May be I am just pissed off with walking around for two hours.

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