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We carpooled to one very small waterfall and another waterfall that was not as high but it was a series of shorter ones. The trip took us through jungle. This was the jungle that we alway imagine. Bits of the jungle had been hacked away so that indians could grow a little corn. These people were very poor. Some of them sell stuff on the roads. Most stand at the topes so that we we stop to get over the tope they can hold up their stuff and make a sale. It is always stuff like peeled oranges, food I have no idea what it is and stuff like that. A few of them hold a rope across the road to keep you stoped. One was even selling fake tickets to the waterfall. The first one I was very polite and I waited for them to drop the rope. The second time the rope was more like twine and I drove through it. The third time it happened they had 1/2" diamter rope. They were banging on my truck for us to open the windows, the were trying everythng in their power to get us to give them money for their fake tickets. After they lowered the rope for the first vehicle they held the rope up in front of me, I just kept going at about 1 mph and the pen rack on the front of my rack made the rope tight. They had it tied off to something and then the rope snapped. It damaged the rack a little bit, so I will have to get it re-welded when we get home. You should have seen their faces when we got done at the waterfall and went by them on the way back to the campground. Needless to say, they were not happy campers. The waterfalls were quite impressive and we got to walk behind the falls. Be sure not to miss the pictures.

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