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As the song goes, "We're on the Road Again"...bound for the little village of Piste. It was an uneventful, 79 mile trip, over some nice country roads. The area is fairly clean and we saw lots of Mayan huts. This will be our home base for two nights while we visit the ruins at Chichen-Itza.

It's a real stretch to call where we're parked an RV park. We have 18 rigs, and tows, squeezed into a tiny, postage-stamp sized parking lot. There are power poles but not enough juice to run anything; we'll be on generator while we're here......and, oh yes, you guessed's in the mid 90's. The water faucets have no gizmos to start the flow of water; we're not sure we'd want to hook up to it anyway. There are many walled cities in Mexico; but, we have our very own walled RV park. It is surrounded by fairly high block walls with a little path to the adjacent motel. To get there, we have to duck under the lady's clothesline, but it's worth it to get to the pool.

We had our social hour as usual and then we went in search of a restaurant for dinner. We found that many of these restaurants close at five o'clock; but, we found a really nice place serving buffet style food. We settled for that and a couple of margaritas. They had some really good fruit on the buffet.

About 9 o'clock, we heard a very light tap on the door of the motorhome. Joe opened it and there was a little guy selling pencils. These little kids are very enterprising. One little boy tried to charm me out of a few pesos. He asked what Foxy's name was and then asked for my name. When I told him, he said....he liked Me and Foxy....he succeeded and went off with a couple of kid; knows how to charm a lady.

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