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Rua 24 horas

City Centre

Pedestrian Area

I had to get up early, as Mario said that my flight was leaving at 8am. Ricardo woke me up at 5.30am. Breto and Griselda were also awake. I had a shower and got ready. We had to leave the house at 6.30am. Breto was taking me. I said goodbye to Ricardo and Griselda and off we went.

Breto dropped me of at the airport and left again...I went in...The reservation was there but the flight wasn't due until I had to hang around the airport. When I finally boarded the plan a Brazilian was sitting next to me. He was very eager to talk...after breakfast (it was absolutely disgusting), he finally shut up....I could get some sleep...the rest of the flight was rather relaxing. When I arrived in Curitiba I picked up my backpack and went to the Gol check in desk...due to Mario I had a flight out of here an hour later. However when I handed the clerk my passport and the reservation number he looked paralyzed on the computer screen...he tried to explain to me that the flight I was booked for left at 11am, as it was already 2pm my flight had long gone and I had missed it...great!!! I went to call Ricardo...when I finally got a hold of him, he didn't know what to do either. I decided to go to the Gol desk and explain my situation...the girl was very helpful, she sorted me out a flight for R$80. However the flight was only due for 11pm.

I decided to leave my backpack in a locker and make my way to the centre as I had 8hours to kill and had nothing better to do... I jumped on a bus to largo de orden, the historical centre of Curitiba and started wandering around...a was walking through the pedestrian area, looking at houses, shops and beautiful squares. The feeling in this city was totally different than the other places I had seen in Brazil. The streets were full of people, however it was very relaxed and calm and also very clean. I felt save in that city...

I walked down to rua 24horas...that wasn't very special as it seemed to be under constructions. I entered a church and had a look around there...than I got hungry, I went to a MacDonald's near by...I know it's bad....but I wanted to have a Cesar salad and it would have been hard to find that was the 1st leaf salad I had since I left Austria...I really enjoyed it!

On my way back I regretted that I didn't have a camera and that I couldn't stay longer to explore that place.

I arrived back at the airport at around 9pm...Still to hours to go. I spent the time checking out the bookshop, I found 2 books that I liked and I bought them. Than finally it was time to board...I went through security and to immigration. The clerk asked me for a peace of paper what I should have been given in Rio on arrival, that I don't recall ever getting. After a long discussion about the whereabouts of the paper he finally let me pass...I set down in the plan and fall asleep quite soon.

I woke up just before landing in Asuncion. I filled out the immigration forms and after landing went through immigration. At the baggage clam area was people of taxi companies of them came up to me and didn't leave me alone the tourist information was already closed...I asked him if he would know a cheap hotel for the night. He offered one for $35 a night.. As I didn't have much option for that night I agreed and the taxi took me there....

I arrived in this cheesy decorated, American style hotel, tiered of my journey and glad to get a shower and a clean bed....I thought welcome to Asunción!

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