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Sri Meenakshi Temple







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Awoke really early before sunrise, so decided to go to the temple (Sri Meenakshi Temple).

Madurai is famous for the temple and is also one of India's oldest cities.

Walked to the temple, again lots of people asleep especially the rickshaw drivers. They have another mode of transport here called a cycleshaw. As you can imagine these are basically the same a rickshaw but with the front end of a bicycle. Generally these are operated by men that are extremely frail and look like they should not be doing the job. I would feel abit guilty paying these people a pittance to drag me around behind them. No joke you can actually walk faster, so think are for really lazy people.

Got to the temple, it was still dark, to be told that I could not wear shorts. Thought I had my legs in the bag (zip off trousers) but no!!. Walked back to the hotel and got my legs. Thought it was a bit ambitious going before sunrise. Watched telly in my room for a little while till the sun came up.

Back at the temple ad walked around. There were quite a lot of Indians already praying. The temple had a resident elephant that if you gave it money it would bless you by patting your head with its trunk. Also, a cow was being led around all done up with colorful flowers. Not really sure what happened to it but thought it was sacrificed at some point, people were playing musical instruments as it was marched around.

The temple was pretty spectacular, the best I have seen so far in India.

Due to the last 3 nights of mozzie bombardment, I have 30 bites on my back alone, I went to find a net. Eventually found a nice blue one for 175 rupees. A little more to carry but can't put up with the bites any more and think I will now sleep a little better.

In the evening I went out for dinner, took some photos and went to bed. Up early for the 0645 train to Pondicherry.

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