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Our tour of sunny tropical places continues

Our abode in Devonport, Auckland, with "debriefing" guest lounge underneath

We arrive in Auckland and get a shuttle bus to the B&B. This takes quite a while, on account of me not having the correct address. After a trip of around 90 minutes we get there and are met by the slightly crazed owners.

We're staying in a place called Devonport, a 10 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. The B&B has 4 rooms but only we're in at the moment, meaning we get the undivided attention of the crazy twosome. They're both very posh, him ex army and her...well loopy frankly. She refers to guests as inmates and we're invited into the guest lounge (in precisely 5 minutes) for orientation or some such madness.

That over, we head out for dinner in Devonport. It's quite quaint and there are lots of BYO places so we take advantage of that.

Next day it's very windy and there isn't any real temptation to make use of our balcony as I'm worried that the sun shade might be torn off the wall. After an interrogation at breakfast we walk down to the ferry and get that across. It's really not very nice and the rain has come on so we do some brief mincing. After some food and a pint we head back. It's sufficiently nasty that we decide to just stay in Devonport again at night.

Next morning after interrogation number 2, we check out and get another shuttle back to the airport for our flight to Fiji.

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