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The first marina along the entire western coast of Eleuthera is at the Cape, almost at the southern end of the island. The price was great at 75 cents a foot and although there is no hydro, laundry or store of any kind there is internet, at least up in the office. I picked up several wifi signals from boats or new condos in the area but the signal was too weak to last for long so I headed up to the office with our laptop.

We were anxious to see the pictures of our new grandson, Tyler William John Haight, born on Feb 16th. I downloaded our 253 messages and finally got to the pictures Samantha had sent. What a beautiful baby and smart too, already waving to the camera.

Cape Eleuthera Marina was a going concern way back in the 1970's, then suffered a decline in the 80's and is in the process of being redeveloped, as part of a 4500 acre resort community complete with estate homes, town homes and beach villas, all on the waterfront, a 36 hole golf course, beachside bar and grille and tropical solar heated pool with sun deck. The road leading to the resort will be repaved and the even an old airport reopened.

Apparently after the resort from the booming seventies was torn down in the 80's the drug runners began taking advantage of the airstrip to land, unload their contraband and take off again, all without even needing to turn around because the air strip was so long. The new airport will be capable of landing 747's.

We discovered all these interesting historical tidbits, along with a much more interesting local information from Happy, the Chief Engineer on the redevelopment project. His business card reads Den McAffrey but everyone calls him Happy. He does seem happy indeed and does all that he can to make the guests happy as well. Shortly after we arrived he introduced himself and told us that he made the drive to Rock Sound just about every day and if we wanted a lift there or anywhere else along the way he would be "happy" to take us there. We had already seen Rock Sound but always love to get out around the island to explore by land so we took him up on his generous offer and hitched a ride to the laundrymat/beauty parlour/restauraunt and bar in nearby Wemyss Bight. We enjoyed lunch at Ship to Shore Restaurant, a brand spanking new place with the nicest washroom I have seen in the Bahamas, without a doubt. Not only did it have a supply of toilet paper, hot running water and soap but paper towels, something not often found in public restrooms. Happy picked us back up after a couple of hours and we enjoyed another lovely drive through the sparsely populated, scenic and very clean countryside back to Cape Eleuthera.

We stopped at 3 little stores for a loaf of bread but Tuesday is mail boat day and there is no bread left after a whole week so Happy offered to pick us up a loaf tonight on his way out. Sure enough he popped by the boat a short while ago with two loaves of bread for us. He and his staff bend over backwards to please and we have really enjoyed our short stay here. I wish we were staying longer but the weather dictates that we head across the Exuma Sound tomorrow in good time to get anchored before a front arrives.

The trip is short, only around 30 miles, the water is deep so we can try some more deep sea fishing and we are excited to discover the next series of islands. We could have easily spent a lot more time on Eleuthera but the horizon calls.

Finally, the last pic is of Tyler. This is my favourite one so far and I swear I see John when I look at this pic!

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