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This little one eating some desert with the pink undies is my...

These are the youngest ones of the creche, all very quiet when...


Lucas and Laura - so cute!

This is Nilza and Jardin A, the class I working with before....

Silvanna (my 2nd host mum) on the right, her brother, then her...

Yum yum

These photos are all Christmas Eve

They start off the churrasco with chicken hearts, thought this absolutely revolting...

Move over lads let me take over!!!

Definitley going to miss Churrasco when I get home.

I know it's a bit late but I promised to add these when I got back to Porto Alegre. These are pictures of the Christmas party we had at my AELCA project. Very different to putting on a traditional nativity play back home. The kids were running round wild, eating lots of goodies and dancing to loud speaker music in the an intense heat of about 35 degrees.

The second lot of photos are of Christmas eve and Christas day which I spent with my host Mum and her family.

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