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Hutch driving on to the Suspension Bridge

A long drive stretched out in front of us today. Destination was Villahermosa for a distance of 280 miles. However, we were on cuota (toll) roads most of the way. Five tolls for a total of 1117 pesos got us some fairly decent roads and some absolutely horrible stretches that resembled mine fields. We crossed into our third state; the state of Tabasco.

We drove on ahead of the caravan with Hutch & Margrita and stopped for a brief lunch. Our average mph was up significantly. By our re-grouping point, we were about an hour ahead of the caravan so we were able to stop for a rest. Actually, Joe washed the windshields of both motorhomes and both cars. This will probably guarantee rain on the horizon.

We also fueled today and diesel is still the equivalent of $2.00 / gallon here.

We crossed a beautiful tall suspension bridge and arrived at our destination for the night about 3:30 p.m. We are camped at the fairgrounds tonight as the RV Park where we were scheduled to stay is very wet and our wagon master feared we might get stuck. We are under 24-hour security with lights so bright one could film a movie.

We have an interesting view out the windshield that looks a little like a miniature version of Denver International Airport. They are actually tents used for the local carnaval celebrations.

We will return to Villahermosa again on our way home and will write more about the city then.

Some of the group went to a local restaurant for dinner. We ate at home as tomorrow we have an agricultural checkpoint where we might forfeit our pork, chicken, eggs, and some, we're going to do some creative food concealing in the hopes we can hang on to most of our food.

We are now approximately 1,000 miles from Mission, TX.

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