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Today is a free day and Valentine's Day!!. Some of our group went on a Jungle Cruise. We've done a lot of jungle cruises in Asia and decided to take the free day to catch up on some chores. Joe is taking the door awning down to troubleshoot an annoying rumble at low speeds. I'm updating our journal and tidying up the inside. It's been very dirty and muddy en route, and it's horribly humid here.

We're at the south end of what's known as Costa de Esmeralda, the Emerald Coast. This is a stretch of coastline between the towns of Tecolutla and Nautla. It gets its name from the lush green vegetation surrounding the area. Despite its glamorous name, it is not much more than home to some motels, restaurants, and RV parks. The beach is not much.......although, Foxy would disagree with me. She loves it and is soaking wet and covered in sand right now.

For our Valentine's Day dinner, we walked to the restaurant next to the park. The lobby had some gorgeous art and historic furniture pieces. Dinner was very good too.

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