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Dry camping at Tampico - notice dirty vehicles

Beautiful Pool at Country Inn Tampico

Our drive today was only 120 miles to Tampico, but it took a little under 4 hours for the trip. The roads were very good in places and really bad in other spots. Some areas had holes so big they could swallow a small tow car.

We were all thankful we got out of our RV Park without anyone getting stuck in the mud again. Rosie is going to give us a private tour of CD Victoria on our return trip; we hope the campground dries out before we get there again though.

Now we need fuel so we're on the look-out for a Pemex. Diesel was the equivalent of $2.00 / gallon, not bad considering the astronomical prices we paid in Canada last summer.

We continued on through the village of El Centaurio. It's very common down here to see dogs, chickens, burrows, horses, and other animals roaming freely and grazing on the side of the road. We're always on the look-out because they don't have a lot of road sense and can wander right out into the traffic. We passed fields of blue agave which is grown to make tequila.

The next village was Gonzales and then Manuel. Several vendors were on the side of the road selling everything from fruits and vegetables to little helicopters. Many of the truckers said Hola! (Hello) and welcomed us on their CB's. The roads here were especially bad so we were going really slow and all the villagers, especially the children, wave and smile as we go by. They have Topes (toe-pays)in all the villages; these are speed bumps, or as the locals refer to them......'silent police'. We thought the topes were redundant since the roads are so rough, speeding was out of the question.

In a short time, we arrived at our RV Park, Country Inn Hotel & RV Park. Actually, we are dry camping behind the hotel in their parking lot. It's dry and they have a gorgeous swimming pool, albeit a little chilly for swimming yet. Chores and a little cleaning up are on the agenda for the afternoon.

We had our 4 o'clock social hour, the universal time for RV happy hours, and Phil gave us the tour briefing for tomorrow.

The restaurant at the hotel is our venue for dinner. It's a popular stop for truckers and the food was good and quite inexpensive, plus they made a mean margarita.

We have an early departure tomorrow morning and a pretty long day anticipated.

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