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Our day started out with a search for a local dentist. Joe lost a filling last night. We were successful and he has an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

We then packed up and moved about 8 miles to our new RV park, Trade Winds. We will all stage here for our departure to Mexico on Saturday. This park is much tighter and smaller than Bentsen Grove, but it's only for a couple of nights.

After renewing acquaintances with Phil & Gayle, our wagon masters, and Hutch & Margrita, friends from the Copper Canyon tour, we set up camp.

Our tailgunner, Gerry, arranged to take several of us across the border to get our visas and vehicle permits. This saves time and confusion when we have 19 rigs traveling on Saturday morning.

We traveled in 2 vehicles, our Jeep and another gentleman who had a very large truck that we would call an RV hauler. We paid our toll ($2) and all went well until we reached the border checkpoint. The agent pulled the hauler over and informed him the route was for autos only and he couldn't enter. We stopped too and the guys proceeded to utilize their best negotiation skills to gain passage for the hauler. They did their best to convince the agent and several supervisors that the hauler was really a passenger vehicle. No go....the agent stood his ground and the hauler was turned around and headed back to the U.S.....AGAINST the flow of traffic.

In the meantime, we squeezed the passengers from the hauler into our Jeep (who says you can't get 7 people in a Jeep Liberty?) and proceeded on to immigration at Reynosa.

It took some time to do the paperwork; but, finally, we all came away armed with our visas and vehicle permits. The permit is a hologram you affix to the vehicle and they cost 330 and 547 pesos, respectively, for our Jeep and Alfa Motorhome.

We headed back across the border again and the traffic was very heavy. It cost $2.25 to re-enter the U.S. and I must say the agent did a double take when he saw 7 Americans waving passports in a Jeep Liberty. We joined up with our hauler friend and returned to camp. They decided to go back again later in the evening when the traffic was better.

We had a brief social hour. We went to Chili's to get something to eat and Wal-Mart to stock up on cokes, water, etc. for our journey.

We are ready to go!!!!

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