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Well, here's our first entry in our journal/blog for our North American Tour. This trip has some known elements combined with some huge unknowns. We started out thinking we would do this in a few year's time, but with our wonderful experience in "make it up as you go" travel in Europe last year, we are too excited/scared to put it off any longer.

Last year, Brenda's fantastic older brother Don died much too young of an insidious cancer. He and his wife Penny were very close to being able to enjoy the fruits of their labours but it was snatched away from them far too soon. His passing inspired us to enjoy our remaining healthy years of retirement to the absolute fullest extent possible. In many respects, our trip is dedicated to Don's memory.

We will leave home on February 26th and start our trip in the familiar surroundings of Palm Springs. Our plan is to head east on April 1st through the American south, up the eastern seaboard back into Canada, tour the Atlantic provinces, down the St. Lawrence River to the American Midwest and wander our way home by Labour Day.... a journey of 20,000 km (12,500 miles). We have several key objectives on this trip:

· See as many famous spots as we can

· Meet as many new friends as we can

· Hit every city/town mentioned in Bobby Troup's song "Route 66"

· Hit as many places mentioned in Hank Snow/Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere, Man" as we can

· Go to Graceland

· Golf

· Ride our bikes lots

· Keep updating our blog

· Have a blast

We will be meeting family and friends from home in several key spots, such as:

· Sister-in-law Penny in San Antonio (April)

· Darling daughter Katie in New Orleans and Alabama (May)

· Ron and Anne-Marie (Brenda's sister) in Canada's Atlantic provinces (July)

As well, we'll be looking up friends we haven't seen in a while along the way.

Wish us luck...the next posting should be from the road.

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