Gravelles 2007 Trip to TAZ/NZ travel blog

Callington Mill (1837)

St. Andrew's, Bothwell

Hamilton, Tasmania

Mount Field N.P., Russell Falls

Abby at Russell Falls

Rare platypus siting on the Russell Falls track

Pademelon at Russell Falls

Pademelon at Land of the Giants campground

Very busy day indeed!!

Left Ross by 9:30 am and drove to Oatlands where we toured the Callington Mill (1837). The kids discovered another cool playground nearby with a carved vertical log and native bird species.

Went to Bothwell to catch mass at 11:30 pm. Gotta get some 'churchin' in Uncle Dale!! Parishners numbered 8 including us! Very cool old church St. Andrews. Had lunch in Bothwell at another nice little park and back on the bus to Mount Field National Park.

Stopped in Hamilton on the way to Mt. Field for a photo op. Nothing much to it, doesn't beat home. Outside of Bothwell, have been tracking a massive forest fire. Followed it all the way to Mt. Field.

Greeted by cockateals at Meadowbank Lake. That's where all the boats have been heading to. Curious to see boats in the middle of such arid environs.

Arrived at Mt. Field visitors centre around 2 pm and got our permit for Land of the Giants campground. Campsite was on the Tyenna River. Saw lots of Tasmanian pademelons and more cockateals. We did the Russell Falls short track and saw a platypus on the way back down. Last sighted platypus in the river was a week ago, so Abby and I are very lucky!

After dinner, Julia and Pierre went for a short walk at dusk to see more. All they got was a bunch of black currawongs. These black ones are only found in Tasmania.

The highlight of the day was a night hike back to Russell Falls to catch a glimpse of the glow worms. We were not disappointed! On the way we encountered tonnes of pademelons, a tiger snake (shout out to Uncle Dale!), a bandicoot and a quoll back at camp. The glow worms were not unlike stars in the dark night sky, spectacular. More on these amazing larvae when I get a chance to consult the literature again.

Went to bed soggy.

Kim and the gang.

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